Climate Change Celebrities Scream ‘Ecology’ but Never Question Wars

Climate Change Celebrities Scream ‘Ecology’ but Never Question Wars

Protesters being arrested while a nearby Oscar winner is cheering and the mainstream media is applauding are so revolutionary these days. The famous British actress Emma Thompson attending the Extinction Rebellion protest in London is nothing new in the PR industry promoting various global agendas that represent the interest of the global ruling class.

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She is following the steps Angelina Jolie who made sure to be photogenic in all the various war crime scenes she understood nothing about. Otherwise Jolie would not lecture the public about the role of NATO, which she claims is protecting women around the World. While reports show that NATO forces bombed, mutilated or raped women.

Hollywood continuously pushes their aggressively promoted movies that excuse and glorify shooting distant natives, superficially reducing cultures to a masquerade, drinking Coca-Cola and portraying the US army as the World’s supreme savior.


That is probably also the reason why the celebrities promoting climate change fail to mention that the U.S. Department of Defense is the world’s largest polluter. It produces more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. The U.S. Department of Defense has left its toxic legacy throughout the world in the form of depleted uranium, oil, jet fuel, pesticides, defoliants like Agent Orange and lead, among others.

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It was the US that created the global “ecology star” Al Gore who never mentions the extreme pollution that NATO’s wars cause as well. He keeps silent to be patted on his shoulders in the White House. Never mind that Al Gore as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, another Eco Hollywood celebrity, enjoy on yachts and private jets while preaching to the World about the horrors of climate change. What do they know about the life of a French farmer, a Russian teacher, a Columbian professor or an Indian musician? Celebrities are clueless about the real life problems and issues of people but claim to know “the final solution” for the environment and the people that they never even cared to understand.

Is There no Climate Panic?

Natives all around the World are witnessing ecocide, unspeakable destruction of their culture, land, plants and animals. Until recently Hollywood and the mainstream media could not care less. But now they finally have their propaganda poster child. 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is the new all-knowing prophet of ecology. This child is absolutely innocent – just a tool for cruel public manipulation that dehumanizes and degrades the struggles of people all around the World.

For decades native populations, ecologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, preachers of various faiths as well as countless local political initiatives have been fighting against the total devastation of their environment because of corporate greed. The words of those who tragically lost their lives, took beatings and shaming from the corporations and corrupt governments and their endless suffering to protect the environment went unnoted by the mainstream media.

The independent journalist and researcher Cory Morningstar explains why climate change celebrities are currently so popularized while decades of peoples struggles were freely ignored. Behind their mainstream exposure is a well-documented financial corporate interest of the most powerful global players and not a genuine care for the community and the environment.

That is also the reason why Greta Thunberg was instantly promoted to a Nobel nominee and warmly greeted by the same Western politicians that daily ignore the hunger, wars and suffering of millions. But no questions should be asked about that. Not while irrational adoration of the exposed teenager is demanded from the people who have devoted their entire lives and careers for ecological causes.

The mainstream media and Hollywood also demand that we see all natives as culturally underdeveloped, to fear the Russians and to ignore the suffering of nations attacked by NATO. Climate change protests and Extinction Rebellion are just yet another Hollywood blockbuster in which the West is presented as intellectually superior with unquestionable solutions for the entire planet. That is corporate fascism not ecology.

If questions are asked the mainstream media screams abuse and demands that you offer a better solution for the imminent ecological disaster. When you do, you are attacked, discredited and ignored. Because they have no intention of listening, just like they never listened to the natives. The solution to stop the ecological disaster is FIRST to close thousands of NATO war bases and end wars in Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Second step is to dismantle the monopoly of global corporations and start supporting the economies of nation states. Third is to tax the rich. Fourth step is to find locally funded and developed ecological solutions for farming and industry. Different cars and factories suggested by the corporate powers of climate change sponsors are just pretending to be ecological solutions, while in reality they are just another business ploy that will further impose their global domination.

Let’s think about the fact that in 2012, according to one report, the combined spending of the Oak, Hewlett, Packard, Sea Change, Rockefeller, and Energy foundations made up approximately 70 percent of the estimated 350 to 450 million philanthropic dollars allocated annually to climate mitigation.

Can you imagine what local communities could do with all that money for real?

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