Nightmare of Dehumanization - Wake up

Nightmare of Dehumanization - Wake up

Author: Janez Ferkov Illustration: Anthony Freda Studio

The old Greek meaning for demon/demonic is an immortal spirit, an energy, an inspiration or motivation. An idea.

Belief in ideas shape our world view and so our actions. Because of the confusion and emptiness of our times, apathetic and demoralized people easily accept the ideas of traumatized, damaged and possessed individuals who are, through the rise of globalization and mass media, able to reach billions of susceptible people.

By creating a certain narrative businessmen, doctors, scientists and politicians are getting people to believe in things and by that making them act in a certain way. Everything we do is a reaction to our environment, and the environment is being heavily manipulated by global mass media, whose owners do not want balanced caring individuals but mindless enslaved consumers. We do not live in a democracy but in a oligarchic monopolistic kleptocracy. As a result the only people that can survive in the highest levels of modern politics without having a mental breakdown are sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissistic egomaniacs. Slovenia is a perfect example. The president of the country is an ex photo model and the prime minister is an ex actor. Professions that are dependent on the skill of manipulating reality. Fake through and through.

Look at the political leaders of warmongering western countries like the USA, Great Britain, Germany and France. A hundred dead, a million dead, compatriots or foreigners. It does not matter to them as long as they can still make money and push around the few that remain. They are without compassion or empathy. Divide and conquer. These people have sold themselves to the powers that want you to go to war and kill innocent people, so they can fill their already full coffers.

They want to convince you that you are not really a man or woman and that you can deny your nature, choose a different gender on a whim by permanently disfiguring yourself with operations on your genitalia and taking chemicals. They want you to microchip you and hook you to a computer and influence everything you think. They want to feed you processed food filled with carcinogens and sterilizing agents. Simultaneously they are force feeding you lies that all of this is for your own good.

They are creating laws which censure and penalize all those who push back, saying that opposers are unpatriotic or politically incorrect, not progressive or spreading 'fake news' or whatever excuse they can think of that will allow them to publicly discredit and silence you. Fascism playing on the emotions of people. The idea that you have choice in what you buy in a shop, that you live in a democracy and in a fair and free market economy is exactly just that. An idea. Not reality. You are possessed by the demons of old. They have blinded you and made you a slave to them. But you do not realize because the chains are invisible. The prison has been created in your mind.

The global government is at war with you, and you are confused by the senseless changes happening in your society. You feel powerless to act. Pandemonium; literally meaning 'place of demons'. More and more information is coming out that the entire political system is basically run by severely damaged individuals and groups. If you can not find this information via the mainstream media is that truly a surprise? Look at what is now dismissively being called 'Pizzagate' by the corporate media in the US. Even the English royal family has been involved in pedophilia but the investigation has been shut down for 'national security' reasons. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Is it surprising that these beings (they are certainly not people) want us scared, sick, sterilized and hooked up to a virtual reality to rot away in our homes. And that is just because they do not dear directly physically enslave us. We are a danger to them. To their very existence unnatural as it may be.

The inherent quality of demons is that they are not able to create. They need people to realize their desires and to manifest their wishes. But humans tend to fight back. Machines can be programed not to and people tend to blindly accept technology because we were made to believe that it helps us without demanding a high price by dehumanizing us. That is just another idea you have excepted. As AI is integrated with humans which is the manifesting global agenda we would basically be turned into machines. These cyborgs would be able to replace us as the creative participants in this manipulated relationship.

Demons as living ideas are parasites that are destroying our world. Human participation is steadily becoming unnecessary for the realization of their desires. The movie the Terminator is a good portrayal of what can happen in the very near future. And most other films warn us as well. Hollywood is full of possessed insiders and as a result of the inherent lack in creativity and a perverted sense of humour they are showing us all the quite realistic and ever approaching scenarios of our near future. And if you can learn to read the occult symbology which is ever-present, you can see even more details.

It is evident that the path humanity is now on leads to destruction. Unsustainable idea driven policies in banking, economy, agriculture and society are spiraling out of control and our supposed representatives the politicians are doing nothing to solve the problems. Instead they are creating more ideas; more problems that are dividing people even more. Destroying the two complementary genders, destroying the family, destroying society as we know it.

They are telling us 'Capitalism is steering us blah blah' and 'The liberal society is opening blah blah' and 'Science is taking us beyond our blah blah'. But all these things, these ideas are supposed to be our servants, our useful companions, our tools. Not unchecked masters dictating our reality. Being a healthy adult individual means dropping an idea at a moments notice as soon as you see it is controlling you and your environment and not you it. As there are harmful ideas there are also beneficial ones. And as the harmful ones might have some use in extreme situations, there is no place for them in a civilized society which is now in decline in the west.

Truly thinking something over is not easy. Maybe you work a shit job for shit pay from morning to evening and when you have a little free time you stare in your phone or pad or TV or whatever to get your dopamine fix and just turn your mind of. It is not like meditation where you clear your mind. It is the exact opposite. In that state with your device in front of you your mind is in program mode and it is being drugged by dopamine produced in your brain and at the same time exposed to ideas. Your consciousness is reacting to the environment. You are being hacked. Sex change; mutilate your genitals for an idea of some perverted sense of gender equality, … Sure. Socialism is destroying Venezuela, we need to impose trade sanctions to starve them and then bomb them, … Right. Microchip under my skin instead of cash, credit cards and documents in my pocket so that 'the government' can't turn it off at will if I do or say something incorrect and make me a starving outcast, … Oh no, wait. Your thoughts don’t go so far because you're in programming mode, so instead your reaction is … 'Nice. Soon I won't have to worry about loosing my stuff.' Just your humanity.

You are being attacked by all these ideas, these demons, and because you find yourself apathetic and demoralized just by living in these fake, superficial, intentionally engendered times your energy is low. And that makes your consciousness vulnerable and open to these energies. They grab on. You wake up the next day and your reality is changed. Because you let an idea change your belief, maybe even a core moral principle and with that your consciousness. And after they have you, you become their agent, spreading it to other people, ostracizing them, being aggressive and exclusive. Because the other person is still resisting these ideas which you are spreading but which were never really yours. A self-propagating and self-regulating prison of the mind.

And just like that, you are not an individual person contributing to a healthy society anymore but a human resource. Do not let anybody or anything do the thinking for you. Ignorant conformism without self-examination is the human's downfall. Stopping and thinking not just having an emotional reaction and parroting sound bites from some mainstream internet article or YouTube. Without a personal renaissance you will be a possessed automaton for the rest of your short meaningless life. We are circling the edge and unfortunately most people have no concept of how deep the rabbit hole truly is.

Wake up.

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