Mr. Peterson - The Iron Curtain is in Your Head

Mr. Peterson - The Iron Curtain is in Your Head

Jordan Peterson came to Slovenia. He is like Oprah but male and from Canada. Everything else is marketing. Peterson says that women who wear make up make themselves sexually attractive in the workplace and are taking a risk. But he never seems to analyze himself. Because Peterson appears quite a dandy and not your average Franciscan or Gandhi type of conservative intellectual. As a professor of psychology Peterson offers his advice to the lost and confused of our times with his lectures and books. 12 steps and all that. It sells!

Are his ideas unique? Peterson promotes the perverted »American dream« with a Canadian twist. Despite that Canada is still full of racist horrors, he offers nothing but exploitative capitalism to the young generation. With a tip to “work hard”. The Queen Elisabeth is on Canadian money! Does she work hard? Just asking for a communist friend!

But never mind that! So, from such a “democracy” Peterson came to Slovenia falsely claiming that we were “behind the iron curtain”. Read Lonely Planet if you can't be bothered with history. Peterson then went on about totalitarianism in Slovenia and brutalism in the architecture and sculptures of Ljubljana. The city that is repeatedly voted to be one of the most pleasant and green towns in Europe. Peterson’s prejudice is just too obvious. Then Peterson started with his lecture in Ljubljana. I read he quoted Solzhenitsyn. I guess he also did not bother to read about his Nazi collaboration too.

The world truly needs argumentative professors and debaters, and indeed also conservative ones. Many are not that supportive with the idea that the contemporary theories on gender fluidity vastly improved living conditions of a generation. But if on the other hand we have a conservative professor like Peterson, who is an ignoramus it all becomes even a sadder affair. He is posing to be a contemporary Socrates but is not willing to drink the symbolical cup of truth.

Peterson also commented that the nostalgia for communism in Slovenia is “ignorant bliss”. How would he know, when he only lived in the British Monarchy of the middle ages?

Why did he even bother to come to Slovenia? Jordan Peterson was in Ljubljana sitting at the table with the Trilateral Commission. Yes, the Rich and the Corrupt. Are Rockefellers as founders of the Trilateral Commission “working hard” Mr. Peterson?

This bunch of so called elite have absolutely no idea that Ljubljana is a heroic city that resisted Nazism and Fascism and bloody capitalists. Yugoslavia is still remembered today because it meant building a society after the horrors of WW2.

Mr. Peterson and the Trilateral Commission will never comprehend the history of Ljubljana. They are practically “rednecks” with lots of money.

Meanwhile, hardworking Americans are moving to Slovenia, because they cannot afford health care at home and are facing daily violence.

Smrt fašizmu, svoboda narodu!

»Don’t cry for me Angelina!«

»Don’t cry for me Angelina!«