»The Greatestest« Slovenian   President

»The Greatestest« Slovenian President

Slovenia still has the newly re-elected President, Borut Pahor. He has much in common with Kim Kardashian. Our president loves Instagram, fame and chic outfits. And he doesn't want to be a moral authority. He's proven that. It’s not just empty talk. He wiggles and jiggles on the promenade yelling: “Hey pretty sweetie, shake it!” to teenage girls in local slang. Oh, and he has a nickname: Barbie. So presidential is it not? Almost as presidential as the total disregard for Slovene origins by another Barbie look-alike, Melania Knauss, Trump's wife. The first lady stated, that receiving American citizenship was: the greatest privilege on planet earth! So being born in Slovenia was just a bad start? Well, we really did have a very bad start! Our first president, Milan Kučan, awarded an honorary tittle to George Soros, the billionaire, himself. For spreading ''democracy''. Or was it a symbolic gesture of compliance for the opening of our borders to the brutal sell-out? The cruel joke doesn't end there. Our former president Kučan is considered a communist, but was awarded by the Knights of Malta also the Pope himself. What kind of a communist gets rewarded by the Vatican elite and European Royals? If Milan Kučan is a real communist then so is Kim Kardashian. You know: Instagram for everyone!

But please. We don't just have the greatestst president. We also have the greatestest democracy in Slovenia. At the end of this last, truly depressing presidential campaign, we were left to choose between two candidates: Borut Pahor and Marjan Šarec. The latter being a mayor of Kamnik; a picturesque little town. Guess how Šarec became know to the Slovenian public? Is he a prominent professor? No. An accomplished businessman? Nope. A fair judge? We wish. A brave diplomat? Even less. A revolutionary? If only! Šarec made his fame by imitating crooked, incompetent politicians as a stand-up comedian. What could go wrong there? So he's not a dirty tycoon or a mafioso, and things could be much worse. Like waltzing with Nazis!

The Irresistible Charm of Nazi Collaboration?

We Slovenians are proud of our national resistance against fascism and the Nazis. Yes. Our ancestors were brave and fearless when combating the 3rd Reich. And the Slovenian partisans are the legacy we care about the most. But not all of us. Those that collaborated with the Nazis, well, they're Nazi fans of course.

Our re-elected president Pahor thinks, that if you died as a partisan or if you swore to Hitler, you are a victim of war. A common monument for “all victims of war” was built in our capital city.

Would you stand by at a commemoration where Nazi collaborators were remembered as “our heroes”? Pahor did. Our Barbie doesn't understand history, it seems. Šarec, the other candidate, clearly understands who won the 2nd World War. He knows it wasn't Nazis. But never the less, in the town he manages, the local library was named after a Nazi collaborator France Balantič. Because he was an outstanding poet. Being elevated in the anthology of Slovene poetry is not enough? It seems Slovenia is dancing the Nazi waltz, and it smells bad.

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Photo: Instagram Borut Pahor


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