»Don’t cry for me Angelina!«

»Don’t cry for me Angelina!«

Angelina Jolie is a living sign of an apocalypse; quite literally. She came to Iraq in 2008 and this year, 2018. But she never mentioned it - Iraq is a scene of a war crime! Instead, she laments about her broken heart. Not the broken Iraq that was illegally destroyed by NATO. The photo shooting of Angelina Jolie posing atop ruins in your country means that you had a brutal war and that you can be sure it was a direct consequence of NATO’s imperialist interests.

The issue here is not that she is uneducated, without any degrees on the matters she “promotes”. The real issue is that she is a walking, talking PR machine. Angelina Jolie follows the bloody trails of NATO’s wars never questioning USA’s (and their allies) motives for war and the evidence pointing in the direction, that the neo-imerialists were responsible for starting the conflict in the first place. As an actress Jolie has the “appropriate” facial expressions in all the recorded scenes and tries to make you cry over the massacres that gained her country massive profits. But how truly sorry is she in reality? So very much that she is willing to show her tattoos and her children at ‘‘charity’’ gala evenings costing thousands of dollars, that could be used to help many desperate families instead. And off she goes to another Disney production. What could be more degrading for the slaughtered civilians than a “representative” from a shallow and violent American entertainment industry, where she earns her millions of dollars?

Angelina Jolie is not an activist of any kind, but a representative of corporate greed and the political mainstream. She is never in any real danger since she is being protected by one of the most powerful armies in the World. What kind of activism is that? She never goes anywhere where NATO does not have economic interests and benefits from waging war. Of course she also does it for her own benefit. She came to Bosnia to fake cry over the peoples suffering because it was good promotion for her film that “inflamed old and deeply-held emotions”. Magnificent or Maleficent?

  Daily Mail

Daily Mail

What kind of activist has the most expensive designer in the world making shoes just for her? Shoes with blood on them.

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Such “celebrity activists” never question, why NATO is so heavily involved in certain areas. That is because they ‘‘know’’ the answer: “NATO brings democracy.” You think this is the most absurd joke to be had in this whole situation? It is not. Angelina Jolie officially declared NATO being an organisation promoting women’s rights. She reminds us of American First Ladies who cry only when the PR department orders them to.

Imagine that NATO bombed your country, killed your husband and deformed your son, then UN forces raped your daughter and CIA sponsored terrorists tortured you in a prison for a year. And after this horror is over, you are ‘‘blessed’’ by being allowed to take a picture with Angelina Jolie. She will then tell you in her 50.000-dollar suit, that you are now - “truly liberated”. And this will all be aired on CNN to make it legitimate.

Do you really believe, that anyone living their entire life deeply involved in Hollywood production can ever recognise the reality of people living outside of the biggest propaganda machine in the world, witch Hollywood undoubtedly is?

It should be a daily prayer or at least undying hope of all free peoples that Angelina Jolie never sets foot in your country. Because that would mean, that NATO is not interested in your land. It is a good start: »Don't cry for me, Angelina!« If she does, it means NATO ruined your country.

Angelina Jolie wrote to Huffington Post: "Not a single family I met in West Mosul asked me for anything. They are not counting on our assistance." Of course, they did not ask her for anything. They know who she is! Jolie is not only acting as moral triage that she accuses us all of performing, but moral assault itself.

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Photo: Maleficent, YouTube, UNCHR

»I could not believe the power these stories have«

»I could not believe the power these stories have«